Every year we help rescue approximately 20,000 girls from human trafficking in Nepal.  But there is more good work to be done and projects we can complete together!


At 11 border stations between Nepal and India the Nepali Rescue Project provides interdiction, counseling, rescue and, in partnership with local officials the, arrest and prosecution of traffickers and pimps. With your help we can grow from 11 Border Stations to 15 and help to put an end to slavery in Nepal. Each border station costs approximately USD$9000 per year to operate.

pic from KIN sewing2Every year nearly 1000 girls graduate from on of our “at-risk” sewing centers or from our Safe Houses ready to return to their village to launch an Awareness Club that will create a Traffic Free Zone in their community.  The graduates start a weekly meeting that will educate young girls, create awareness in the community, start savings clubs and teach them to sew.

The goal is to send off each of our graduates a brand new foot-pedaled $150 sewing machine!